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03-Nov-2017 13:00

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I yanked myself off Match and e Harmony the second I got home. Shortly after, I read an article which stated that the least appealing online daters were 1) women in my age group, and 2) non-drinkers. To avoid the madness of Bourbon, a pal and I headed to the Maple Leaf Bar on Oak Street, far from the French Quarter, for a performance by piano man Jon Cleary. Near our table, a man dined alone, and smiled at me whenever I looked his way. Intelligent, gorgeous and kind, this man was himself a successful musician, and seriously, seriously interesting.

Plenty of Fish found that female non-drinkers receive 24 percent fewer messages than social drinkers. He touched my hand, and that contact zipped through me like a shot of something strong. I don’t anymore and this sort of thing is very hard for me.

“We melt into them in that muddied, liquid way, rather than marching into them with any real sense of strength or self-awareness.”Too true, for me.

Both figuratively and literally, I’ve stumbled into each relationship I’ve ever been in.

She’s a nurse, he’s a cop, they met in an emergency room, and it all seems perfect.“Do you want to do this again? I have two girls.”Unfazed, Frank says, “So, it’s a date,” and Jackie’s face explodes into a rare smile.

” Frank says, as the date comes to a close, “because I do.”Jackie purses her lips and says, “Um, couple things you gotta know. It’s all I can do not to cry when I watch this scene (I usually just go ahead and weep) because the speech I’ve developed since I quit drinking and started dating again is something similar, though admittedly less severe.

Reliving that moment makes me feel like a rock star (and not just because I kissed one).

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I guess it’s proof that positive reinforcement works, because that one moment of total truth has inspired dozens more. Dating is infinitely more difficult because of this fact. There’s a scene from the TV show Nurse Jackie that I relate to.It’s like conversational Cirque du Soleil, except much, much clumsier.

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